Monday, January 19, 201501/19/2015

Hour 2: Philip Stucky, Troy Newman

In The Schilling Show

Philip Stucky talks about free community college and paid sick leave and Troy Newman talks about his book, Abortion Free: Your
Manual for Building a Pro-Life America One Community at a Time.


Monday, January 19, 201501/19/2015

Hour 1: Derryck Green, Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Ken Connelly

In The Schilling Show

Derryck Green shares the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., Diana Furchtgott-Roth talks about the cost of executive amnesty, and Ken Connelly gives a Supreme Court marriage review.

Jay James -Pastor Washington

Monday, January 19, 201501/19/2015

Embracing God’s Will

In Community Vision

Pastors William Washington and Jay James talk about embracing what GOD has planned for us.


Monday, January 19, 201501/19/2015

An Overview of the Overall Real Estate Market

In Real Estate Matters

Michael Guthrie and his guests give an overview of the overall real estate market.

Monday, January 19, 201501/19/2015

Sue Friedman and Dr. Ishan Williams

In WINA Morning News

Sue Friedman, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association, and Dr. Williams, a specialist in Social Gerrantology joined the program to promote an event for African American Caregivers.


Monday, January 19, 201501/19/2015

Dr. Webster Crowley

In Live Well, WINA Morning News

Dr. Crowley is a Nuero Vascular Surgeon joined the show in the Live Well segment to discuss a wide range of brain surgeries.


Sunday, January 18, 201501/18/2015

Cynthia Murray

In Impact for God

Pastor Bare talks about versions of the Bible and going to church and is then joined by Cynthia Murray.

Senior Center

Saturday, January 17, 201501/17/2015

Peter Thompson

In A Graceful Life

Peter Thompson is with The Senior Center and joins Jeanne McCusker to talk about how to stay active as you age.


Saturday, January 17, 201501/17/2015

Starting Over

In Sounds of Success

Martha left all things familiar, comfortable and successful in her home country of Mexico to come to the United States. In spite of her education and the wealth status she had in Mexico, she found herself starting from the bottom, working service jobs. She made the most and best of it and found tremendous success in doing so.


Saturday, January 17, 201501/17/2015

Linda Park-Fuller

In Conversations with Wendy

Linda Park-Fuller helps alleviate the stress of making changes. As we stare at our New Year resolutions feel incompetent because we haven’t yet made significant progress.

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