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Sunday, May 31, 201505/31/2015

Morning News Weekends: Stacey Baker

In Morning News Weekends

In less than a decade, the camera phone and social media have changed the global landscape of visual culture radically. The impact is profound. One featured photographer will join Charlottesville’s Festival of the Photograph on LOOK3’s first night. She joins us now to talk about her city legs experiment — Stacey Baker.


Sunday, May 31, 201505/31/2015

Morning News Weekends: Clark Hodges

In Morning News Weekends

GDP report, as expected, showed the economy shrank 0.7%.Many economists also suspect that the government’s calculations have tended to underestimate growth in the first quarter of each year.

Financial Strategist Clark Hodges explains.


Sunday, May 31, 201505/31/2015

Laila Bare, Jay James, Danny Bare

In Impact for God

Laila Bare, Jay James, and Danny Bare join Pastor Bare to share how they are making an impact for God.

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Saturday, May 30, 201505/30/2015

Jennifer Jacobs

In A Graceful Life

Jennifer Jacobs joins Jeanne McCusker to talk about AHIP.

Real Estate For Sale Sign

Saturday, May 30, 201505/30/2015

Old Trail Village Update

In Real Estate Matters

David Brockman joins Michael Guthrie to share an update on Old Trail Village.

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Saturday, May 30, 201505/30/2015

Mark Strauss

In Conversations with Wendy

Holocaust ghetto survivor Mark Strauss on the horrific conditions of Poland under Germany.


Saturday, May 30, 201505/30/2015

Dave Fafara

In Morning News Weekends

Live from the Charlottesville City Market here’s OUR WINA Saturday “Market Watch” with Dave Fafara… you know him as Shenandoah Joe…


Saturday, May 30, 201505/30/2015

Dr. Edward H. Egelman

In Morning News Weekends

Dr. Edward H. Egelman of the UVA Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics says a new template for finding effective packaging for DNA delivery is important.

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Saturday, May 30, 201505/30/2015

Bryant Harrison

In Morning News Weekends

Bryant Harrison joins the program for his weekly Tech Talk.


Saturday, May 30, 201505/30/2015

Byron Henry

In WINA Morning News

What does this ruling mean? Did President Obama go beyond his executive powers on immigration? What are the political repercussions for both parties headed into 2016? Byron Henry, a client and a legal strategist who is experienced in Constitutional cases, answers these questions and more.

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