Monday, July 20, 201507/20/2015

Dr. Rob McMahon

In Live Well, WINA Morning News

Nuerologist Dr. Rob McMahon joined the Live Well segment to discuss treatment for headaches.


Sunday, July 19, 201507/19/2015

7-19-15 Impact for God

In Impact for God

Pastor Bare and his guests share how they are making an impact to show the love of God.


Saturday, July 18, 201507/18/2015

Conversation On Aging

In Real Estate Matters

Michael Guthrie shares his award winning show with Matt Thornhill about aging.

music notes

Saturday, July 18, 201507/18/2015

Sounds of Success: Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative

In Sounds of Success

Guests: Matt Slaats, Executive Director; Toni Eubanks, Community Organizer and BPAI artist


Saturday, July 18, 201507/18/2015

Foster Families Love Life: A Conversation with Wendy

In Conversations with Wendy

Wendy Edwards and Natalie Elliott talk about fostering children.


Saturday, July 18, 201507/18/2015

Dave Fafara

In Morning News Weekends

Live from the Charlottesville City Market here’s OUR WINA Saturday “Market Watch” with Dave Fafara… you know him as Shenandoah Joe.

classroom CLIPART

Saturday, July 18, 201507/18/2015

Marian Quigley

In Morning News Weekends

Marian Quigley joins the program to talk about FISH, an Intergenerational tutoring program within JABA.


Saturday, July 18, 201507/18/2015

Kevin Mellott

In Morning News Weekends

Kevin Mellott is an International Security Expert and joins the program to talk about the tragedy in Chattanooga.


Friday, July 17, 201507/17/2015

Top 5 Soundbites of the week (07-17-15)

In Charlottesville Right Now

WINA’s Dori Zook joins Les Sinclair Charlottesville Right Now with the Top 5 Soundbites of the Week on WINA.

court trial

Friday, July 17, 201507/17/2015

Rolling Stone denies it defamed U.Va’s Eram in rape story.

In Charlottesville Right Now

Washington Times legal analyst and former prosecutor, Jeffery Scott Shapiro, talks with Les Sinclair about the UVA associate dean of students, Nicole Eramo’s defamation case against Rolling Stone magazine.

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