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Tuesday, June 30, 201506/30/2015

How Virginia can achieve a quality education

In Charlottesville Right Now

President of the Virginia Education Association, Meg Gruber, talks with Les Sinclair about the education issues being discussed at the NEA’s annual meeting and Representative Assembly.

court trial

Tuesday, June 30, 201506/30/2015

Hour 2: Mike Farris, Oren Cass

In The Schilling Show

Mike Farris talks about the SCOUTS ruling pushback and Oren Cass discusses the EPA court ruling.

Police car lights (from clipart)

Tuesday, June 30, 201506/30/2015

Hour 1: Ken Oliver-Mendez, Dan Perkins, Luke Adler

In The Schilling Show

Ken Oliver-Mendez talks about Trump vs. Univision, Dan Perkins share how Greece is on the brink, and Luke Adler talks about tracking criminals.


Tuesday, June 30, 201506/30/2015

Our Purpose

In Community Vision

Pastors William Washington and Jay James share a conversation and sermon about our purpose.


Tuesday, June 30, 201506/30/2015

6-28-15 Impact for God

In Impact for God

Pastor Bare and his guests talk about how they are making an impact for God.


Monday, June 29, 201506/29/2015

Tom Tom Festival Opens Nominations for Founding Cville

In Charlottesville Right Now

Director of the Tom Tom Founders Festival, Paul Beyer, talks with Les Sinclair about the entry process for the “Founding Cville” program.


Monday, June 29, 201506/29/2015

How Puerto Rico & Greece Could Impact Your Economy

In Charlottesville Right Now

CBS News Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger talks with Les Sinclair about how the faulting economies of Puerto Rico and Greece could impact the U.S. economy.


Monday, June 29, 201506/29/2015

Nominations Open for Stopping Sexual Violence.

In Charlottesville Right Now

Rebecca Weybright with the Sexual Assault Resource Agency, talks with Les Sinclair about the nominating process for the Annual Annette DeGregoria Grimm Award.


Monday, June 29, 201506/29/2015

When Sharks Attack

In Charlottesville Right Now

Beth Firchau, with Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, talks with Les Sinclair about why the sharks are attacking and how you can better your odds to avoid an incident.

Virginia Supreme Court  061201 JT

Monday, June 29, 201506/29/2015

Supreme Court Rulings Explained

In Charlottesville Right Now

CBS News correspondent Barry Bagnato, joins Les Sinclair to explain the latest rulings from this session of the Supreme Court of the United States.

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in Entertainment

Cosby said he got drugs to give women for sex


The AP reports that during a 2005 deposition "The Cosby Show" star admitted to giving sedatives to at least one woman.

in Sports

MLB: 4 Royals elected All-Star starters


Houston second baseman Jose Altuve passed Kansas City's Omar Infante in the final days of voting, leaving four Royals as starters for the All-Star Game.

in Albemarle County, Local

Juvenile Arrested In Woodbrook 7-11 Robbery

Robbery Suspect Woodbrook 7-11 070115

Albemarle Police say the female who robbed the Woodbrook 7-11 was a juvenile.

in Albemarle County, Local, Surrounding Counties

Westbound 64 Down To One Lane Tuesday

VDOT Taffic

A section of westbound I-64 in the Ivy area will be down to one lane Tuesday.