Monday, April 21, 201404/21/2014

Hour 1: Sean Lansing, Charlie Kirk, F.H. Buckley

In The Schilling Show

Sean Lansing talks about an Americans For Prosperity medicaid town hall meeting, Charlie Kirk discusses the nasty FLOTUS lunches, and F.H. Buckley talks about his book, The Once and Future King: The Rise of Crown Government in America.


Monday, April 21, 201404/21/2014

Kids Fitness Clinic

In Live Well

Anna King and Susan Cluett joined the show to discuss an upcoming fitness clinic aimed at fighting childhood obesity.


Sunday, April 20, 201404/20/2014


In Life on the Hill

Pastors Bruce Goldsmith and Hamp Hall have a conversation about the subject of control.


Sunday, April 20, 201404/20/2014

1st Timothy, Tim LaRue

In Impact for God

Pastor Bare gives an overview of the Book of 1st Timothy and is then joined by Tim LaRue.


Sunday, April 20, 201404/20/2014

Resurrection Sunday

In Community Vision

Pastor Washington and Jay James talk about what Resurrection Sunday means for us.


Sunday, April 20, 201404/20/2014

Morning News Weekends: The Easter Bunny!

In Morning News Weekends

The Easter Bunny himself joins the show to talk about what kind of Easter festivities you can expect this year!


Sunday, April 20, 201404/20/2014

Morning News Weekends: Leah Connor

In Morning News Weekends

Leah Connor joins us with her “Run Report.”

Sunday, April 20, 201404/20/2014

Morning News Weekends: Joel Selzer

In Morning News Weekends

ArcheMedX and the University of Virginia School of Medicine have announced a collaborative effort leading to the unveiling of unveiling an innovative online program designed to improve detection, diagnosis, and management strategies in Fetal Cardiology. Joel Selzer of ArcheMedX fills us in on the details.

A Garceful Life ~ 620x400 copy

Saturday, April 19, 201404/19/2014

A Graceful Life 4/19/14

In A Graceful Life

Jeanne McCusker is joined by Rachel Rose Ward to talk about volunteering in the community.


Saturday, April 19, 201404/19/2014

CAAR Market Report

In Real Estate Matters

Michael Guthrie is joined by John Ince and Anita Dunbar to talk about the CAAR market report.

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