Monday, August 18, 201408/18/2014

Christopher Ruhm

In Charlottesville Right Now

Christopher Ruhm is a professor of Public Policy and Economics and associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia. He joins Les Sinclair to talk about his research showing that part-time jobs teens translates to higher wages and increased annual earnings in the future.


Monday, August 18, 201408/18/2014

Hour 2: Bruce Herschensohn

In The Schilling Show

Bruce Herschensohn joins Rob Schilling to talk about ISIS, Israel, and Gaza.


Monday, August 18, 201408/18/2014

Hour 1: Matthew Vadum, Anne Grady

In The Schilling Show

Matthew Vadum talks about the race riot over Michael Brown’s death and Anne Grady shares strategies for dealing with depression.

Jay James -Pastor Washington

Monday, August 18, 201408/18/2014

Walk it Out

In Community Vision

Pastors William Washington and Jay James talk about how God has worked it out and all we have to do is walk it out.


Sunday, August 17, 201408/17/2014

Why do bad things happen to good people?

In Life on the Hill

Pastors Bruce Goldsmith and Hamp Hall talk about the topic of bad things happening to good people.


Sunday, August 17, 201408/17/2014

Deuteronomy, Jeff Padgett

In Impact for God

Pastor Bare gives an overview of the Book of Deuteronomy and is then joined by Pastor Jeff Padgett.


Saturday, August 16, 201408/16/2014

Mary Ellen Hasenfus

In A Graceful Life

Jeanne McCusker is joined by Mary Ellen Hasenfus from JABA to talk about care transitions.


Saturday, August 16, 201408/16/2014

Protect Your Home From Wood Destroying Insects

In Real Estate Matters

Michael Guthrie and his guests from Blue Ridge Termite and Pest talk about how to protect your home from wood destroying insects.


Saturday, August 16, 201408/16/2014

Nancy Brady

In Conversations with Wendy

Wendy’s aunt Nancy Brady joins the show to talk about anxiety and depression.


Saturday, August 16, 201408/16/2014

Dave Fafarra

In Morning News Weekends

Live from the Charlottesville City Market here’s OUR WINA Saturday “Market Watch” with Dave Fafarra… you know him as Shenandoah Joe…

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