Tuesday, November 12, 201311/12/2013

Hour 1: David Marotta

In The Schilling Show

David Marotta, President of Marotta Wealth Management, talks about wealth inequality in America. Podcast (the-schilling-show): Play in new window | Download

American Flag

Monday, November 11, 201311/11/2013

Jill Schlesinger

In Charlottesville Right Now

Jill Schlesinger shares with us about businesses that are doing their part to help our nation’s veterans. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now): Play…


Monday, November 11, 201311/11/2013

Steve Berger

In Charlottesville Right Now

Steve Berger discusses rising travel costs. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now): Play in new window | Download

Veterans Day 2013 111113

Monday, November 11, 201311/11/2013

Jeff McCausland

In Charlottesville Right Now

Jeff McCausland discusses Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and how suffering veterans can receive aid. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now): Play in new window…

U.S. Flag America

Monday, November 11, 201311/11/2013

Hour 2: J.B. Wells, R. Lee Ermey

In The Schilling Show

The Veteran’s Day special continues with Commander J.B. Wells, U.S. Navy retired, talking about Chaplains suing Virginia over faith and R.…


Monday, November 11, 201311/11/2013

Hour 1: Gary Berntsen, Frank Vernuccio

In The Schilling Show

Gary Berntsen, with Concerned Veterans for America, and Frank Vernuccio, a security analyst and national news commentator, join the program for…


Saturday, November 9, 201311/09/2013


Podcast (snow-knows): Play in new window | Download


Saturday, November 9, 201311/09/2013

Mind Body Connection

In Real Life

Podcast (real-life): Play in new window | Download


Saturday, November 9, 201311/09/2013

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

In Morning News Weekends

Dr. Joel Fuhrman on the lecture that he will be hosting to support the Nutritional Research Foundation Podcast: Play in new…

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Saturday, November 9, 201311/09/2013

Morning News Weekends: Terry Kent

In Morning News Weekends

Better World Betty is launching “Betty’s Home Menu” at a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser and Terry Kent gives us the scoop.…

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Jesse Matthew Indicted on Charges Related to 2005 Fairfax Rape Case

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The 2005 rape of a Fairfax woman is linked by DNA to the Morgan Harrington case.

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Suspected Indiana serial killings could go back 20 years


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