Monday, August 10, 201508/10/2015

University of Virginia taking Breast Cancer Treatment One Step Further

In Charlottesville Right Now

Dr. Shayna Showalter, specializing in breast cancer, talks with Les Sinclair about an advanced treatment of Stage-1 Breast Cancer being…

Rob Schilling-Headshot 620x400

Monday, August 10, 201508/10/2015

Hour 2: Geoff Shepard, Phillip Stucky, Jonathan Thompson

In The Schilling Show

Geoff Shepard separates facts from fiction regarding Watergate, Phillip Stucky of WINA’s “Morning News Weekends” joins us and then Jonathan Thompson discusses what needs to be done to stop violent crime.

Monday, August 10, 201508/10/2015

Hour 1: Robert Hurt, Dr. Nancy Johnson, Dennis Harvey

In The Schilling Show

Congressman Robert Hurt joins the show, Dr. Nancy Johnson fires back at Lawrence Gaughan and then friend and sponsor of the show Dennis Harvey explains Strike First Personal Protection and it’s benefits to us.

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Sunday, August 9, 201508/09/2015

Morning News Weekends: Brian Krallis

In Morning News Weekends

The top paying cybersecurity job is a security software engineer with an average annual salary of $233,000 according to a…


Sunday, August 9, 201508/09/2015

Morning News Weekends: Carol Carr

In Morning News Weekends

The Fluvanna Leadership Development Program, for people who just want to learn a little more about the county and for…


Sunday, August 9, 201508/09/2015

Pastor Alvin Edwards and Pastor Hodari Hamilton

In Impact for God

Pastor Bare is joined by Pastor Alvin Edwards and Pastor Hodari Hamilton to share how they are making a positive difference in our community.


Saturday, August 8, 201508/08/2015

Doris Gelbman

In A Graceful Life

Jeanne McCusker is joined by attorney Doris Gelbman to talk about elder law.

Computer Keyboard Hands On It (clipart)

Saturday, August 8, 201508/08/2015

How Is Zillow Impacting Real Estate?

In Real Estate Matters

Michael Guthrie is joined by Luke Strawn to talk about how Zillow is impacting real estate.


Saturday, August 8, 201508/08/2015

Shenandoah Joe

In Morning News Weekends

Live from the Charlottesville City Market here’s OUR WINA Saturday “Market Watch” with Dave Fafara… you know him as Shenandoah Joe.

Elephant Donkey Symbols  102708

Saturday, August 8, 201508/08/2015

Camara Clifton

In Morning News Weekends

Camara Clifton joins the program to talk about the Trump-Clinton relationship.

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Seth MacFarlane returning to Fox with new sci-fi series


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