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Rob Schilling is a respected voice and trusted name in the Charlottesville community, as well as a nationally recognized investigative journalist.

He and his wife, Joan, moved to Central Virginia from Southern California in 1998 seeking a more serene lifestyle. Shortly thereafter, Rob was elected to the Charlottesville City Council, the first and last Republican to have accomplished that feat since 1986.

In his four years of elected public service, Rob gained unique insight into the machinations of local government and politics. Rob’s informed viewpoint as an “outsider” who has served on the “inside” is unrivaled in Central Virginia media.

The Schilling Show is a venue for advocacy and change. While Rob takes strong stances on issues, all points of view are welcome, and Rob often hosts guests from divergent ends of the political and social spectrums.

earth globe

Tuesday, May 28, 201305/28/2013

Hour 2 Dr. Charles Battig

Dr. Charles Battig joins the program to comment on global warming myths, hurricane season predictions, and the comp plan in Albemarle County.

London England

Tuesday, May 28, 201305/28/2013

Hour 1 Joel Gilbert and I.Q. Al Rassooli

Director Joel Gilbert talks about IRS harassment on his movie “Dreams from My Real Father.” Author I.Q. Al Rassooli discusses the threat of radical Islam and the London Hacking Death.


Wednesday, May 22, 201305/22/2013

Hour 2: Mervin Block and Mark Henderson

Mervin Block talks about his book, Weighing Anchors: A Veteran TV Newswriter Critiques the Networks’ Top Anchors, and Mark Henderson…


Wednesday, May 22, 201305/22/2013

Hour 1: Bob Hull, Ken Boyd, Corey Stewart

Hour 1: Bob Hull, Ken Boyd, Corey Stewart


Tuesday, May 21, 201305/21/2013

Hour 2 Laura Hollis

Surprise guests join the program to talk about E.W. Jackson’s campaign for Lt. Governor. And Laura Hollis discusses the media’s relationship with the Obama administration.

Chris Dumler

Tuesday, May 21, 201305/21/2013

Hour 1 Connie Stevens, Earl Smith and Steve Peters

Connie Stevens, Earl Smith, and Steve Peters join the program in-studio for a panel discussion on the Chris Dumler situation.


Monday, May 20, 201305/20/2013

Schilling Show 5-20-13: Hour 2 Bob Dane, Andy Thompson, Steve Peters

Schilling Show: 5-20-13 Hour 2 Bob Dane, Andy Thompson, Steve Peters

American Flag

Monday, May 20, 201305/20/2013

Schilling Show 5-20-13: Hour 1 Wayne Allen Root, Bill Wilson, Norm Leahy

Wayne Allyn Root talks about the IRS political audits, Bill Wilson discusses IRS scandals, and Norm Leahy gives a GOP…


Tuesday, May 14, 201305/14/2013

Hour 2 Ken Boyd

Albemarle County Supervisor Ken Boyd touches on the airport blasts, Chris Dumler, and how the transportation bill affects Albemarle County.


Tuesday, May 14, 201305/14/2013

Hour 1 David Marotta

David Marotta, of Marotta Wealth Management, joins the show for his monthly appearance to discuss federal student aid, and education in relation to economic growth.

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