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Rob Schilling is a respected voice and trusted name in the Charlottesville community, as well as a nationally recognized investigative journalist.

He and his wife, Joan, moved to Central Virginia from Southern California in 1998 seeking a more serene lifestyle. Shortly thereafter, Rob was elected to the Charlottesville City Council, the first and last Republican to have accomplished that feat since 1986.

In his four years of elected public service, Rob gained unique insight into the machinations of local government and politics. Rob’s informed viewpoint as an “outsider” who has served on the “inside” is unrivaled in Central Virginia media.

The Schilling Show is a venue for advocacy and change. While Rob takes strong stances on issues, all points of view are welcome, and Rob often hosts guests from divergent ends of the political and social spectrums.

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Friday, November 14, 201411/14/2014

Hour 1: ACRWL Remote

Rob Schilling broadcasts live from an ACRWL event. He is joined by guests from the organization including CJ Hatcher, Pat Earle, Chardon Jenks, Audrey Welborn, Flora Patterson, and Tanya Skeen.


Wednesday, November 12, 201411/12/2014

Hour 2: Mike Basile, Aviv Regev, Kimberly Moore

Mike Basile gives a Jefferson Area Tea Party update, Aviv Regev talks about his film, Beneath The Helmett: From High School to the Home Front, and Kimberly Moore talks about the Community Christian Academy.


Wednesday, November 12, 201411/12/2014

Hour 1: Ken Boyd

Albemarle County Supervisor Ken Boyd joins Rob Schilling to talk about a variety of local issues including a pay increase for supervisors, the budget, and the solutions 29 package.


Tuesday, November 11, 201411/11/2014

Hour 2: Rita Dunaway, Alan Swinger, Vic Pena

Rita Dunaway talks about the convention of states project and Colonel Vic Pena, US Army (Ret) and Captain Alan Swinger, US Navy (Ret) talk about their time in the military.


Tuesday, November 11, 201411/11/2014

Hour 1: David Marotta

David Marotta, president of Marotta Wealth Management, talks about parts of government that should be shut down.

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Monday, November 10, 201411/10/2014

Hour 2: Flemming Rose, Ken Cuccinelli, Mike Ward

Flemming Rose talks about the Mohammad cartoon controversy, Ken Cuccinelli gives a Senate update, and Mike Ward talks about elections and energy.


Monday, November 10, 201411/10/2014

Hour 1: Bryan Fischer, Sam Kazman

Bryan Fischer talks about a court rule on marriage and Sam Kazman talks about a SCOTUS Obamacare case.

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Friday, November 7, 201411/07/2014

Hour 2: Kenric Ward, Tara Raj and Garrett Allen, Keith Davies

Kenric Ward talks about Warner vs. Gillespie, Tara Raj and Garrett Allen, young entrepreneurs, talk about their voters choice app and Keith Davies discusses the forgotten orphans of ISIS.


Friday, November 7, 201411/07/2014

Hour 1: Marjorie Dannenfelser, Tom Del Beccaro

Marjorie Dannenfelser shares how the war on women is dead and Tom Del Beccaro talks about California conservatism.

Smith Dede smiling 6 13 2011

Thursday, November 6, 201411/06/2014

Hour 2: Dede Smith

City Councilor Dede Smith joins the show for a lively discussion.

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