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Rob Schilling is a respected voice and trusted name in the Charlottesville community, as well as a nationally recognized investigative journalist.

He and his wife, Joan, moved to Central Virginia from Southern California in 1998 seeking a more serene lifestyle. Shortly thereafter, Rob was elected to the Charlottesville City Council, the first and last Republican to have accomplished that feat since 1986.

In his four years of elected public service, Rob gained unique insight into the machinations of local government and politics. Rob’s informed viewpoint as an “outsider” who has served on the “inside” is unrivaled in Central Virginia media.

The Schilling Show is a venue for advocacy and change. While Rob takes strong stances on issues, all points of view are welcome, and Rob often hosts guests from divergent ends of the political and social spectrums.


Tuesday, November 10, 201511/10/2015

11/10/15 Hour 1: David Marotta

David Marotta, president of Marotta Wealth Management, joins Rob Schilling to talk about broken promises of the federal government.


Monday, November 9, 201511/09/2015

(11-9-15) Hour 2: John Guandolo, Karen Perry

Counter Terrorism Expert John Guandolo talks about the Muslim Brotherhood. Karen Perry tells the story of the loss of her…


Monday, November 9, 201511/09/2015

(11-9-15) Hour 1: Perry Stone, Isaac Orr, Tyler Foote

Perry Stone joins for an important WINA programming announcement. Isaac Orr touches on Obama killing the Keystone pipeline and Tyler Foote of “Americans For Prosperity” discusses Terry McAuliffe defending the EPA.


Friday, November 6, 201511/06/2015

11/6/15 Hour 2: Donna Authers, IQ al Rassooli

Donna Authers talks about the journey of caregiving and IQ al Rassooli talks about the Muslim invasion of Europe.


Friday, November 6, 201511/06/2015

11/6/15 Hour 1: Matt Hardin, Elias Awad

Matthew Hardin talks about a Lunsford FOIA lawsuit and Elias Awad discusses the refugee crisis from a Syrian perspective.

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Thursday, November 5, 201511/05/2015

(11-05-15) Hour 2: Frank Walker and Charles Jones, Anastasia Boden

Frank Walker and Charles Jones join us to commemorate Veteran’s Day and then Anastasia Boden discusses the Obamacare Challenge.


Thursday, November 5, 201511/05/2015

(11-05-15) Hour 1: Eric Seitz

The return of the armchair philosopher. https://soundcloud.com/1070wina/11-05-15-hour-1-eric-seitz

Rob Schilling-Headshot 620x400

Wednesday, November 4, 201511/04/2015

(11-04-15) Hour 2: Dan Perkins, Dede Smith

Dan Perkins takes a closer look at the mystery surrounding the recent Russian air incident and then Councilor Dede Smith rejoins us…


Wednesday, November 4, 201511/04/2015

(11-04-15) Hour 1: Robert Tracci, JR Hoeft

Robert Tracci joins our post-election edition of the Schilling Show and then JR Hoeft offers a state level analysis of…

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Tuesday, November 3, 201511/03/2015

11/3/15 Hour 2: Election Day Special

Rob Schilling is joined by Carol Thorpe, Robert Tracci, Richard Lloyd, Lawrence Gaughan, Rob Bell, Steve Landes, Earl Smith, and Bob Young for the Election Day Special.

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