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Rob Schilling is a respected voice and trusted name in the Charlottesville community, as well as a nationally recognized investigative journalist.

He and his wife, Joan, moved to Central Virginia from Southern California in 1998 seeking a more serene lifestyle. Shortly thereafter, Rob was elected to the Charlottesville City Council, the first and last Republican to have accomplished that feat since 1986.

In his four years of elected public service, Rob gained unique insight into the machinations of local government and politics. Rob’s informed viewpoint as an “outsider” who has served on the “inside” is unrivaled in Central Virginia media.

The Schilling Show is a venue for advocacy and change. While Rob takes strong stances on issues, all points of view are welcome, and Rob often hosts guests from divergent ends of the political and social spectrums.


Tuesday, October 1, 201310/01/2013

Hour 2: Gary Aldrich, Chuck Boldt, Cherylyn Harley LeBon

Gary Aldrich, President of Don’t Treard on My Business, talks about Republi-can’ts, Chuck Boldt gives a New Hope Church zoning update,…


Tuesday, October 1, 201310/01/2013

Hour 1: Dan Holler, Paul Kengor, Leighton Steward

Dan Holler, Communications Director with Heritage Action for America, talks about the government shutdown, Dr. Paul Kengor, Professor of Political Science…


Monday, September 30, 201309/30/2013

Hour 2: Dr. Charles Battig

Dr. Charles Battig, Policy Advisor with the Heartland Institute, talks about global warming myths.

American Flag

Monday, September 30, 201309/30/2013

Hour 1: Chris Horner, David Hogberg, Dan Epstein

Chris Horner, author of The Liberal War on Transparency, gives a UVA FOIA update, David Hogberg, senior fellow for health care…


Friday, September 27, 201309/27/2013

Hour 2: Mallory Quigley, David Swanson

Mallory Quigley talks about abortion and David Swanson discusses his article on War Is A Crime.


Friday, September 27, 201309/27/2013

Hour 1: Andy Mangione, Dave Schwartz

Andy Mangione, Vice President of Government Relations for the Association of Mature American Citizens, discusses the Obamacare battle and Dave Schwartz,…

Schilling Show 70413

Thursday, September 26, 201309/26/2013

Hour 2: Neil Williamson

Neil Williamson joins the show for a Free Enterprise Forum.

The Hook logo

Thursday, September 26, 201309/26/2013

Hour 1: Courteney Stuart

Courteney Stuart joins us to remember the legacy of The Hook.


Wednesday, September 25, 201309/25/2013

Hour 2: David Skinner, Bob Dane, Paul Oster

David Skinner discusses his book, The Story of Ain’t, Bob Dane, communications director for FAIR, gives an immigration update, and Paul Oster…


Wednesday, September 25, 201309/25/2013

Hour 1: Dr. Jerome Corsi

Dr. Jerome Corsi discusses his new book, Who Really Killed Kennedy.

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