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Michael Guthrie, CEO and Managing Broker for Roy Wheeler Realty Co., talks everything you need to know about Central Virginia real estate, and answers your questions.


Saturday, February 6, 201602/06/2016

A Conversation With David H. Stevens

Michael Guthrie is joined by David H. Stevens to talk about real estate.


Saturday, January 30, 201601/30/2016

Riverside Village

Chris Henry and Keith Smith join Michael Guthrie to talk about Riverside Village.


Saturday, January 23, 201601/23/2016

VAR President Bill White.

Michael Guthrie is joined by VAR President Bill White.

Real Estate For Sale Sign

Saturday, January 16, 201601/16/2016

Understanding Today’s Real Estate Market

Michael Guthrie is joined by Donna Patton and Anthony McGhee to talk about today’s real estate market.

house build

Saturday, January 9, 201601/09/2016

Small Builders Coming Back In The Market

Michael Guthrie and his guests talk about small builders coming back in the market.

Christmas Tree (clipart)

Saturday, December 26, 201512/26/2015

Christmas Music

Michael Guthrie shares some of his favorite Christmas music in this Christmas special.


Saturday, December 19, 201512/19/2015

Financial Planning For Buying A Home

Michael Guthrie and his guests talk about planning financially for buying a home.

house key

Saturday, December 12, 201512/12/2015

A Fresh Look at Glenmore

Drew Holzwarth, John Kerber, and Doug Kingma join Michael Guthrie to take a fresh look at Glenmore.

canned food

Saturday, December 5, 201512/05/2015

BRAFB Shop To Stop Hunger

Michael Guthrie and his guests from Nest Realty talk about the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank’s Shop to Stop Hunger.

Saturday, November 21, 201511/21/2015

Louisa and Fluvanna County Water Rights

Neil Williamson of the Free Enterprise Forum joins Michael Guthrie to talk about Louisa and Fluvanna County water rights.

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