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Morning News Weekends

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Wendy Edwards gives you all the info you need for the weekend with updates on news, traffic and weather.


Saturday, May 14, 201605/14/2016

Jason Treu

Jason Treu joins Wendy Edwards to talk about beingĀ fired for talking politics. http://nypost.com/2016/05/02/discussing-politics-in-the-office-could-get-you-fired/


Saturday, May 14, 201605/14/2016

Tech Talk

Bryant Harrison joins the program for his weekly Tech Talk.

Trail (clipart)

Saturday, May 14, 201605/14/2016

Julie Roller

Julie Roller joins Wendy Edwards to talk about upcoming events at the Monticello Trail.

Elephant Donkey Symbols  102708

Saturday, May 7, 201605/07/2016

Senator Tom Garrett

Senator Tom Garrett joins Wendy Edwards to talk about politics.

Computer Keyboard Hands On It (clipart)

Saturday, May 7, 201605/07/2016

Tech Talk

Bryant Harrison joins the program for the weekly Tech Talk. This week he talks about business emails.


Saturday, May 7, 201605/07/2016

Petra Monaco

Petra is a multi-passionate transformational life coach who gives you the support to create the life you want.


Saturday, April 30, 201604/30/2016

Helen Dempsey-Henofer

Helen Dempsey-Henofer and Alex join Wendy Edwards to talk about CHI exchange students.

Horse (clipart)

Saturday, April 30, 201604/30/2016

Mike Feazel

Mike Feazel joins Wendy Edwards to talk about Fluvanna’s Old Farm Day, which was rescheduled from October 2015 to Saturday, May 7th.

enter tech keyboard

Saturday, April 23, 201604/23/2016

Tech Talk

Bryant Harrison joins the program for his weekly Tech Talk.


Saturday, April 23, 201604/23/2016

Shannon Walker

Shannon Walker talks about provides veterans with service dogs.

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