Conversations with Wendy

Conversations with Wendy

We are all just trying to matter! That’s why Ms. Wendy Edwards invites you to attend an hour of delightful conversation each Saturday morning on Newsradio 1070 WINA. Her talk format is filled with celebrity and local interviews, music and comedy bits by guest performers and a house ensemble of special characters. Listeners are welcome to participate and often receive fun gifts. You’ll benefit just by tuning in! Want to hear something good? Enjoy Conversations with Wendy on Saturdays at 8 AM.

To book a conversation with Wendy, call her 24-Hour Voice Line at (434) 207-6300.

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Saturday, August 29, 201508/29/2015

How to Lead a Nation in Grief: A Conversation with Wendy

Wendy opens the phone lines to talk about the speed at which “we the people” went from the shock of observable human suffering to demands for instant change, retribution, gratification, in the name of justice.


Saturday, August 22, 201508/22/2015

Veteran Suicide: A Conversation with Wendy

22 people from U.S. armed forces are home from deployment and still die each day to the horrible hell of hyper awareness and the overwhelming lack of self-worth at home.


Saturday, August 15, 201508/15/2015

Freddy Jackson

Freddy Jackson joins Wendy Edwards to talk about the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death.


Saturday, August 1, 201508/01/2015

The Real Value of Education: A Conversation with Wendy

Education advocate and leader of change, Dr. Daria Brezinski, fields questions and guides us in the direction of solutions to give our kids truly valuable education. Who’s responsible for that? In this Conversation with Wendy.


Saturday, July 25, 201507/25/2015

Changing the way we “do” cancer: A Conversation with Wendy

Biochemist Dr. John Herr’s advances in cancer medicine give hope to patients like Barbara Centafonte, who sits across from Wendy with skin made raw from rounds of radiation. She says i’s time to put our money where the studies are.


Saturday, July 18, 201507/18/2015

Foster Families Love Life: A Conversation with Wendy

Wendy Edwards talks with Natalie Elliott and Mark Bogert of Intercept Youth Services about the needs of children who reside in the foster system and ways you can positively impact their lives.

Saturday, July 11, 201507/11/2015

Everyday Freedoms: A Conversation with Wendy

Author Kimberly K. Schmidt shares one way to slow down and LISTEN to that still, small voice inside of you. Clay Hansen, Director of the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression reminds us of our liberty to get vocal about what is important to us.


Saturday, June 27, 201506/27/2015

Food Waste: A Conversation with Wendy

Jenny Rustemeyer and Betty Hoge join Wendy Edwards to talk about the business of food; how to save on money and food waste.

diverse business men shaking hands isolated over a white background

Saturday, June 20, 201506/20/2015

Dr. Kyra Gaunt

Dr. Kyra Gaunt joins Wendy Edwards to talk about race relations and Juneteenth.

Pippin Bob (Less Formal Pictures) (sent to us) 60415 CC

Saturday, June 13, 201506/13/2015

Bob and Connie Pippin

Bob and Connie Pippin join Wendy Edwards to share the story of GASMAN2.

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