Community Vision

Community Vision

Jay James and Pastor William Washington look at the issues of life, marriage, addiction, finances and much more from the word of GOD.

Jay James -Pastor Washington

Sunday, September 8, 201309/08/2013

Community Vision: 9-8-13 Its Not What We Say, Its How We Live

Pastor Washington and Jay James talk about the integrity of the Christian walk in a relationship with GOD in how we live.

Jay James -Pastor Washington

Sunday, September 1, 201309/01/2013

Community Vision: 9-1-13 Humility With Each Other

Pastor Washington and Jay James discuss the gift of humility of GOD and how to practice it in our relationships with each other.

Bible & Cross

Monday, August 12, 201308/12/2013

Community Vision: 8-11-13 The Importance Of The Pieces

Pastor Washington and Jay James discuss how GOD puts things in place to help us stay on the right path! What a GOD we serve!

Jay James -Pastor Washington

Saturday, August 10, 201308/10/2013

Community Vision: 7-28-13 Staying In The Mirror

Jay James and Pastor Washington discuss the blessing of seeing the things GOD wants us all to change about ourselves, and the blessing that comes afterward.


Sunday, August 4, 201308/04/2013

Community Vision: 8-4-13 Living From Your Heart

Listen as Pastor Washington and Jay James discuss what GOD has been teaching about the importance of our hearts.

Jay James -Pastor Washington

Monday, July 22, 201307/22/2013

Community Vision: 7-21-13 Encore Presentation

This week was an encore presentation of a show that aired on May 5th. The topics were wisdom and understanding, and not looking at GOD through our flesh. Listen, and may GOD encourage you!

Thunderstorm Cloud

Tuesday, July 16, 201307/16/2013

Community Vision: 7-14-13 Encore: Seeing Who Jesus Is

This is an episode that first aired on April 14th, but Pastor Washington and Jay James talk about embracing the true character of who Jesus is in our daily lives.


Sunday, July 7, 201307/07/2013

Community Vision: 7-7-13 Walking On The Water

Pastor Washington and Jay James discuss the blessings that come from true relationship in GOD, and how we can all “Walk On The Water” in 2013.


Tuesday, July 2, 201307/02/2013

Community Vision: 6-30-13 Speaking The Truth In Love

Pastor Washington and Jay James discuss the benefit of having relationships with one another based in honesty and love.


Sunday, June 23, 201306/23/2013

Community Vision: 6-23-13 The Power Of Testimony!

Pastor and Washington and Jay James discuss the importance of GOD’s faithfulness that is revealed through testimony.

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