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bill of rights

Friday, December 12, 201412/12/2014

John Munchmeyer

John Munchmeyer, Chairman, Jefferson Area Libertarians, joins Les Sinclair to invite you to the On December 15, 2014, The Bill of Rights will be 223 years YOUNG and to commemorate, the Jefferson Area Libertarians will hold a Bill of Rights “Acclamation”:

Monday, December 15, 2014, 4:30-5:30 p.m.
First Amendment Monument, Downtown Mall,
Charlottesville (Far East End, Next to Pavilion)

The crowd will read the Bill of Rights aloud and speakers will address its profound impact on freedom.

Virginia Blood Services

Friday, December 12, 201412/12/2014

Lee Silver

Lee Silver Silver lining Blood Drive: 4th annual Tailgate & Donate – Silver Lining Blood Drive at St. Anne’s-Belfield Upper School, Student Activity Center on Sunday, Dec. 14th from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Promising to be the best time you will ever have giving blood; the theme is an NFL tailgate party. Scheduled events include FREE food prepared by local celebrity chefs, NFL football on the big screens, games, a photo booth, FREE seated massages and much, much, more!
The event is in honor of STAB parent, Becky Silver who died of Leukemia in May 2011. During the course of her treatments, Becky required somewhere between 150 and 200 transfusions; that blood was available to her through the kindness, generosity and the giving of our local community, friends and strangers.


Friday, December 12, 201412/12/2014

Pastor Lehman Bates

Pastor Lehman Bates of Ebenezer Baptist Church, talks race relations in Charlottesville area with CVCC.


Thursday, December 11, 201412/11/2014

Sara Dutton

Sara Dutton, Director of Surveys for CBS News, joins Les Sinclair to talk about the latest poll on police activities across the nation and race.


Thursday, December 11, 201412/11/2014

Calvin Lai

Calvin Lai, is a doctoral student at UVA and joins Les Sinclair to talk about a racial bias test. Many of us show a racial bias beyond our own knowledge.


Thursday, December 11, 201412/11/2014

Jay James

The Shop To Stop Hunger took place today. Les Sinclair was involved and talks with Jay James and the others who were part of the event.


Thursday, December 11, 201412/11/2014

Lee Livingston

Lee Livingston is an attorney and talk with Les Sinclair about what a lawyer brings to a situation similar to that with the people involved in the Rolling Stone/UVA article.


Wednesday, December 10, 201412/10/2014

Tammy Arnette

AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Tammy Arnette talks with Les Sinclair about the possibility of below $2.00 per gallon gasoline.

Charlottesville Fire Department Logo

Wednesday, December 10, 201412/10/2014

Charles Werner

Charles Werner, City of Charlottesville Fire Chief, talks with Les Sinclair about how the characteristics of the fire at the residence of the double murder could react the way they did. He talks also about the start of the investigation too.

uva v saber

Wednesday, December 10, 201412/10/2014

Pete Smithhilser

Pete Smithhilser is the CEO & President of the North-American Interfraternity Conference and joins Les Sinclair to discuss why the University of Virginia is wrong in banning all fraternity and sorority event. NIC wants UVA to apologize and to restore the reputation of the fraternities.

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