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Monday, July 27, 201507/27/2015

Mike Chinn, CEO of SNL Financial

Mike Chinn, CEO of SNL Financial, joins Les Sinclair to talk about McGraw Hill Financial buying the company.


Thursday, July 23, 201507/23/2015

Kathrine Davis

Kathrine Davis joins us to share details on a spectacular event coming to the Paramount!


Thursday, July 23, 201507/23/2015

Bill Harwood

Bill Harwood provides us with detailed, accurate information about the world of space exploration and an exciting discovery from the Kepler spacecraft.


Wednesday, July 22, 201507/22/2015

What makes an achiever?

Corey Poirier joins us to analyze the traits many “achievers” share.


Wednesday, July 22, 201507/22/2015

Transgender Rights and the Armed Forces

Brian Bouffard joins the show to discuss the current state of affairs for Transgender Americans serving in the armed forces.

House Lock

Wednesday, July 22, 201507/22/2015

Housing Update

Jim Duncan provides us with the latest information from the housing market.

diverse business men shaking hands isolated over a white background

Wednesday, July 22, 201507/22/2015

CBS Congressional Update

Congressional Correspondent Steve Portnoy joins us to share the latest info and perspective on the Iranian Nuclear Deal.

Fenwick Bob 040911

Wednesday, July 22, 201507/22/2015

City Council Update

City Councilor Bob Fenwick joins the program to update us on local issues and politics.


Tuesday, July 21, 201507/21/2015

Improving Mother/Daughter Relationships

Wendy Edwards is joined by Mimi Steele to share how to improve mother/daughter relationships.


Tuesday, July 21, 201507/21/2015

Elder Care Law

Simon Stapleton joins Wendy Edwards to talk about Elder Care Law.

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