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Tuesday, September 17, 201309/17/2013

Steve Koleszar

Steve Koleszar is the Chair of the Albemarle County School Board. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now): Play in new window | Download

Police lights

Tuesday, September 17, 201309/17/2013

Mike Lyons

CBS Military Analyst Mike Lyons talks about the shooting at the Navy Yard. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now): Play in new window |…


Tuesday, September 17, 201309/17/2013

Jill Schlesinger

CBS Analyst Jill Schlesinger joins the program to talk about finances. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now): Play in new window | Download


Monday, September 16, 201309/16/2013

Pamela Faulk

CBS’s Pamela Faulk outlines the international dynamics created by the current situation in Syria. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now): Play in new window…


Monday, September 16, 201309/16/2013

Cathy Train

Cathy train, President of the Thomas Jefferson Area United Way, joins the show to talk about upcoming events. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now):…

house build

Monday, September 16, 201309/16/2013

Jenny Meade

Jenny Meade gives us information about the “Women Build” project of Habitat for Humanity. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now): Play in new window…


Monday, September 16, 201309/16/2013

Ed Burton

UVA economic professor Ed Burton discusses the economy. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now): Play in new window | Download

music notes

Friday, September 13, 201309/13/2013

Les Sinclair

Les Sinclair and Jay James talk about Taylor Swift. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now): Play in new window | Download


Friday, September 13, 201309/13/2013

Gill Harrington

Gill Harrington joins the program to talk about Help Save the Next Girl. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now): Play in new window |…


Friday, September 13, 201309/13/2013

Dell Irwin

Dell Irwin is a volunteer with Virginia Organizing and talks about the affordable care act. Podcast (charlottesville-right-now): Play in new…

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