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Technology rules!?!?
Technology rules!?!?

This week doctors used a 3D printer to print an expandable stent to keep a 6 week year old baby’s trachea open. It will expand as the baby grows.  Nobody had even heard of 3D printing until President Obama mentioned it in his State of the Union address. Since then a Texas group has printed the parts, assembled, and successfully fired a gun from a 3D printer. Now this medical miracle. This week President Obama also made a major speech outlining the “crossroads” we’ve come to in the war on terror. Which by the way doesn’t exist anymore. The administration phased that out a couple of years ago around the same time they apparently stopped telling Congress anything about what they were doing. But that’s a different story for a different time. And please don’t get me started on this IRS whistleblower woman who got in front of Congress this week and wouldn’t testify. Plead the fifth. So now she’s suspended WITH pay – which comes from each of OUR paychecks – because there are rules Congress made up about not being able to fire a whistleblower.  How do I get her gig?!? Nobody likes a whistleblower who won’t blow, Lois. But I digress. So President Obama gives this speech where he outlines the rules of engagement for the use of armed drones. Does that mean we know another country has weaponized or is about to weaponize a drone?   Are we setting the rules to avoid “WWIII Attack of the Drones”? Can we even avoid it at this point? Tell me it’s not a done deal!!! And it all happens the same week summer blockbuster movie season begins AND the same week Arnold Schwarzenegger’s last film came out on blue ray for our home viewing pleasure. Terminator indeed! Especially when we all just assumed it would be Chuck Norris that saved the world. AND it’s the same week of UVA’s graduation from which also matriculated those great American social scientists who invented the seven degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon who has nothing to do with this whatsoever the best I can tell. So far.  Except… UVA IS a world leader in 3D printing technology. AND it all happened the same week that Euro-techno-pop band Daft Punk released their new album which is phenomenal and i can’t stop listening to it which means it either really IS the end of times or the beginning if my mid-life crisis. Those new Corvettes do look pretty sweet and the aforementioned recent grads ain’t bad either. At least those of us blessed enough to live here in God’s country never have to worry about any of this because we are a drone-free city. And that’s the bottom line because City Council says so! As for me, I say we are dulling the line between enlightenment and oblivion.



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