Wednesday, August 28, 201308/28/2013

Jeff McCausland

CBS Military Analyst Jeff McCausland on the US involvement in Syria Podcast (morning-news): Play in new window | Download

Egypt Pyramid

Wednesday, August 28, 201308/28/2013

Edward Yeranian

CBS Middle East correspondent Edward Yeranian live from Cairo, Egypt Podcast (morning-news): Play in new window | Download

King Martin Luther, Jr. (from Clip Art)

Tuesday, August 27, 201308/27/2013

Deborah McDowell

Debra joined the show to discuss an event to commemorate the “I have a dream speech”.


Tuesday, August 27, 201308/27/2013

TEDx Charlottesville Chandler Van Voorhis

Voorhis is one of the presenters during the TEDx talks, and discussed a project of planting trees across the nation.


Tuesday, August 27, 201308/27/2013

Katherine Davis

Katherine is with the Paramount Theater and she gave an update on the upcoming performances at the Paramount.


Tuesday, August 27, 201308/27/2013

Jeff Gilbert CBS

Jeff Gilbert of CBS joined the show to discuss recent American opinions and trends in purchasing cars.

U.S. Capitol (Clip Art)

Tuesday, August 27, 201308/27/2013

Jeff McCausland CBS

CBS Military Analyst Jeff McCausland talks the escalating situation in Syria, and the US Foreign policy stance.


Tuesday, August 27, 201308/27/2013

Edward Yeranian CBS

Edward is stationed in Cairo, Egypt and discussed the growing situation in Syria.

City Market 40310

Monday, August 26, 201308/26/2013

Kathy Kildea

Kathy Kildea from Market Central on the 5th Annual “Meet Yer Eats” Farm Tour coming up on Labor Day Podcast…


Monday, August 26, 201308/26/2013

Dr. Tim Showalter

Dr. Tim Showalter from the UVA Health System discusses intraoperative radiation therapy Podcast (morning-news): Play in new window | Download


American Flags  Monticello 70410

Sean O’Brien

Executive Vice President and COO at Montpelier Sean O’Brien joins Rick and Jane to talk about Constitution Day celebrations on both the 17th and 20th


David Toscano

House Minority Leader David Toscano joins the Morning News to discuss a special session on Medicaid expansion

Virginia Organizing Logo .jpg

Harold Folley

Harold Folley of Virginia Organizing explains the Mobile Justice Tour through Virginia

polls graph

Jennifer De Pinto

CBS Manager of Surveys Jennifer De Pinto covers American opinions on a variety of topics with Rick and Jane

U.S. Flag America

Mike Lyons

CBS Military Analyst Mike Lyons joins the Morning News to discuss President Obama’s strategy on dealing with ISIS



Plug Away Mondays

Learn about all of the best events by Charlottesville-area non-profits, groups and organizations.

Live Well

Live Well Series

Rick and Jane take on a different topic that will make your life better!


Get on the Good Foot

Mark Lorenzoni from Ragged Mountain Running Shop spotlight local runners, events and give tips for healthy and safe running.

Senior Center

Senior Center Spotlight

Peter Thomson joins Rick & Jane for an update of everything going on at the Center.

Alzheimers Association

Minding Your Memory

We Mind Our Memory with an update from the Alzheimer’s Association with news, caregiver tips, and more.