space shuttle

Wednesday, May 20, 201505/20/2015

Peter King CBS

CBS Correspondent Peter King joined the show to discuss the launch of a super secret robotic mini shuttle by the US Military.


Wednesday, May 20, 201505/20/2015

Steve Futterman CBS

CBS correspondent Steve Futterman joined the show to report on the situation involving the violence around motorcycle gangs in Waco Texas.

camera photograph

Wednesday, May 20, 201505/20/2015

Victoria Hindley

Victoria Hindley joined the show to discuss the upcoming LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph. She also talked about the current TREE Display on the Downtown Mall.

tech wires

Tuesday, May 19, 201505/19/2015

Jane Ditmar and Mike Culp

Supervisor Jane Ditmar and Mike Culp discuss issues with broadband in Albemarle County.


Tuesday, May 19, 201505/19/2015

Joe Szakos

Joe Szakos previews a discussion on the media tonight at the Bridge Progressive Arts Center.

Council Huja Satyendra Szakos Kristin 010614

Tuesday, May 19, 201505/19/2015

Satyendra Huja

Mayor Huja joins to recap last night’s City Council meeting.

iraq muslim islam mosque

Tuesday, May 19, 201505/19/2015

Mike Lyons

CBS Military Analyst Mike Lyons on skirmishes outside of Ramadi involving ISIS.


Monday, May 18, 201505/18/2015

Denise Way

Dr. Denise Way joins for WINA’s “Live Well” segment for more on integrative medicine.


Monday, May 18, 201505/18/2015

Jill Schlesinger

CBS Senior Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger gives the latest on the economy.

Council Huja Satyendra Szakos Kristin 010614

Monday, May 18, 201505/18/2015

Satyendra Huja

Charlottesville Mayor Satyendra Huja previews what’s on the agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting.


Marshall Amy Sarah 021116 (sent to us)

Amy Sarah Marshall

Amy Sarah Marshall joins the program to talk about receiving the Q Award from the Chamber of Commerce.


Peter Sheras and Phyllis Koch-Sheras

Couple Power Experts Peter Sheras and Phyllis Koch-Sheras discuss relationships and give advice ahead of Valentine’s Day.

BurketDittmarMcKeelPalmerSeaySheffieldSnowThomas 92413 CC

Ann Mallek

Supervisor Ann Mallek joins to give a recap of last night’s board meeting involving community conversations on construction projects and more.


Will Cole

Detective Will Cole discusses phone scams and methods to guard against being a victim of fraud.


Barbara Millar and Ron Wilcox

Darden’s Barbara Millar and Ron Wilcox join the program to give insights into foreign relations with Cuba.



Plug Away Mondays

Learn about all of the best events by Charlottesville-area non-profits, groups and organizations.

Live Well

Live Well Series

Rick and Jane take on a different topic that will make your life better!


Get on the Good Foot

Mark Lorenzoni from Ragged Mountain Running Shop spotlight local runners, events and give tips for healthy and safe running.

Senior Center

Senior Center Spotlight

Peter Thomson joins Rick & Jane for an update of everything going on at the Center.

Alzheimers Association

Minding Your Memory

We Mind Our Memory with an update from the Alzheimer’s Association with news, caregiver tips, and more.