Wednesday, January 7, 201501/07/2015

Meredith Richards and Danny Plogger

Meredith Richards and Danny Plogger join to discuss the movement to get more passenger trains in the state of Virginia.


Wednesday, January 7, 201501/07/2015

Jim Krasula

CBS’ Jim Krasula reports from Richmond on a story involving an autistic prisoner which has drawn the gaze of Gov. McAuliffe.

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Wednesday, January 7, 201501/07/2015

Lee Catlin

Lee Catlin joins to talk about what’s on the agenda in 2015 for the Albemarle Co. Board of Supervisors.


Tuesday, January 6, 201501/06/2015

Larry Magid

CBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid joins the program to talk about the latest in technology.


Tuesday, January 6, 201501/06/2015

Chief Charles Werner

Charlottesville Fire Chief Charles Werner joins Jane Foy and Jay James to talk about safety precautions during the winter months.

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Tuesday, January 6, 201501/06/2015

Mayor Huja

Mayor Huja joins Jane Foy and Jay James to talk about the Charlottesville City Council meeting last night.


Tuesday, January 6, 201501/06/2015

Jim Krasula

CBS Correspondent Jim Krasula joins the program to talk about former Governor Bob McDonnell.

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Monday, January 5, 201501/05/2015

Robert Hurt

Congressman Robert Hurt joins Jane Foy and Jay James.


Monday, January 5, 201501/05/2015

Jill Schlesinger

CBS Senior Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger joins Jane Foy and Jay James for her weekly economic update.

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Monday, January 5, 201501/05/2015

Mayor Huja

Charlottesville City Mayor Huja joins Jane Foy and Jay James to talk about a variety of local issues.


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Sarah Blech and Gary Green

Sarah Blech of the Parks and Recreation Department and Gary Green of the Paramount touch on a new initiative in the community.


Carrie Rochman

Radiologist Carrie Rochman previews the Women’s Four Miler and talks about breast cancer research.

No Smoking

Dr. Tom Daniel

Dr. Tom Daniel talks about “Quit Smoking Charlottesville” giving new information on nicotine addiction.


Jill Schlesinger

CBS Senior Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger joins for more “On Your Money.”

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Leigh Trippe

Executive Director of Meals on Wheels Leigh Trippe previews the organization’s signature event.



Plug Away Mondays

Learn about all of the best events by Charlottesville-area non-profits, groups and organizations.

Live Well

Live Well Series

Rick and Jane take on a different topic that will make your life better!


Get on the Good Foot

Mark Lorenzoni from Ragged Mountain Running Shop spotlight local runners, events and give tips for healthy and safe running.

Senior Center

Senior Center Spotlight

Peter Thomson joins Rick & Jane for an update of everything going on at the Center.

Alzheimers Association

Minding Your Memory

We Mind Our Memory with an update from the Alzheimer’s Association with news, caregiver tips, and more.