Monday, February 10, 201402/10/2014

Jill Schlessinger

CBS Senior Business Analyst Jill Schlessinger joined the show to give the latest analysis on jobs and the economy.


Monday, February 10, 201402/10/2014

Jim Krassula

CBS correspondent Jim Krassula updated the show on the chemical spill in West Virginia.

Olympic Rings

Friday, February 7, 201402/07/2014

Steve Futterman

CBS Correspondent Steve Futterman reports from Sochi on security surrounding the opening ceremonies at the Winter Olympics.

School Bus

Friday, February 7, 201402/07/2014

Dean Tistadt

COO of Albemarle County Schools Dean Tistadt on budgets for local schools.


Friday, February 7, 201402/07/2014

David Toscano

Delegate David Toscano joins WINA Morning News for an update on recent activities in the Virginia General Assembly.


Friday, February 7, 201402/07/2014

Mark Rosenker

CBS Transportation Safety Analyst Mark Rosenker discusses bans on liquids and gives the details on luggage checks for flights to Russia for the Olympics.

food vegetables

Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

Meredith Gunter and Annie Rorham

Meredith and Annie are from the Welldon -Cooper Center and they joined the show to discuss the Farm Bill and a reduction in Food Stamp funding.

Olympic Rings

Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

Gary Kriebel

Gary joined the show to discuss the sport of curling and a local group of people that play the sport.

State Capitol 53008

Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

Rob Bell

Virginia Delegate from the 58th District Rob Bell joined the show to talk about bills involving human trafficking, mental health and more.


Thursday, February 6, 201402/06/2014

Ken Boyd

Albemarle County Board of Supervisor Ken Boyd discusses the latest on the Western Bypass.



Arthur Herman

Author Arthur Herman gives his take on Scotland’s decision to remain with the United Kingdom.

Money (clipart)

Edwin T. Burton

UVA Professor of Economics Edwin T. Burton comments on the local, state, and national climate of the economy.

Top of Hops art for web

Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson joins the show in-studio to preview the 5th annual Top of the Hops Beer Festival.


Jill Schlesinger

CBS Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger on credit monitoring and the latest hacking incident.


Jeff McCausland

CBS Military Analyst Jeff McCausland joins WINA Morning News to discuss Congress passing a bill to arm moderate Syrian rebels.



Plug Away Mondays

Learn about all of the best events by Charlottesville-area non-profits, groups and organizations.

Live Well

Live Well Series

Rick and Jane take on a different topic that will make your life better!


Get on the Good Foot

Mark Lorenzoni from Ragged Mountain Running Shop spotlight local runners, events and give tips for healthy and safe running.

Senior Center

Senior Center Spotlight

Peter Thomson joins Rick & Jane for an update of everything going on at the Center.

Alzheimers Association

Minding Your Memory

We Mind Our Memory with an update from the Alzheimer’s Association with news, caregiver tips, and more.