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Thursday, July 16, 201507/16/2015

Dominion Power

Dominion Power joins WINA Morning News for details on the launch of their drones.


Thursday, July 16, 201507/16/2015

Lee Frank

CBS Correspondent Lee Frank gives the latest on the James Holmes trial in Colorado.

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Thursday, July 16, 201507/16/2015

Nick Barnett

CBS’ Nick Barnett reports on protests surrounding the most recent Greek Parliament meeting and potential harsh economic measures coming for the Greek public.


Wednesday, July 15, 201507/15/2015

Alvin Edwards

Pastor Alvin Edwards joins the program in-studio to look back at a local clergy meeting concerning violence against the church in South Carolina.


Wednesday, July 15, 201507/15/2015

Peter King

CBS Space Correspondent Peter King reports on Pluto and new images of the dwarf planet.

jet missiles

Wednesday, July 15, 201507/15/2015

Jeff McCausland

CBS Military Analyst Jeff McCausland discusses agreement with Iran on a nuclear deal.

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Tuesday, July 14, 201507/14/2015

Joel Denunzio

Joel Denunzio joined the show to discuss things VDOT is doing to help local businesses affected by route 29 construction.

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Tuesday, July 14, 201507/14/2015

Transition Charlottesville

Dana Tornabe and Logan Blanco joined the program to discuss the latest initiatives from Transition Charlottesville.


Tuesday, July 14, 201507/14/2015

Robert Berger CBS

CBS Correspondent Robert Berger joined the show to discuss Israeli reaction to the proposed nuclear deal with Iran.

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Tuesday, July 14, 201507/14/2015

Scott Daniel Madison County Fair

Scott Daniel, a member of the board of directors for the Madison County Fair joined the show to talk about the newest features to the fair this summer.


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Rita Smith

Nutritionist Rita Smith joins for WINA’s “Live Well” segment for information on healthy eating, childhood obesity, and more.


Jill Schlesinger

CBS Senior Business Analyst Jill Schlesinger checks in for a look at what’s ahead for the economy in August.

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Jeff McCausland

CBS Military Analyst Jeff McCausland gives more on ISIS and the Syrian Rebels.


Chris Cerf

Author Chris Cerf joins the WINA Morning News for a look inside his book entitled “Spinglish.”


Lee Frank

CBS Correspondent Lee Frank joins for more on deliberation in Colorado concerning the James Holmes trial.



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Get on the Good Foot

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