Albemarle County Seal (RG)

Thursday, January 9, 201401/09/2014

Jane Dittmar

New Chair of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, Jane Dittmar, talks about yesterday’s lengthy board meeting.

Kaine Gov Tim by a stream 040308

Thursday, January 9, 201401/09/2014

Tim Kaine

Senator Tim Kaine joins the program to discuss a bill on the floor concerning extension of unemployment insurance.

white house president

Thursday, January 9, 201401/09/2014

Peter Maer

CBS News White House Correspondent Peter Maer talks about the President’s “promise zones” initiative.


Thursday, January 9, 201401/09/2014

Edward Yeranian

CBS Correspondent Edward Yeranian reports from the Middle East on unrest in Syria and civil war.


Wednesday, January 8, 201401/08/2014

Jon Greene

Jon Greene of Virginia Tech’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Team talks about testing drone technology. Virginia is one of six sites approved by the FAA for testing.


Wednesday, January 8, 201401/08/2014

Leah Puryear and Russ Linden

Leah Puryear and Russ Linden join the program to touch on the Grace Tinsley Scholarship and reflect on Grace’s impact on the local area.

baseball bat

Wednesday, January 8, 201401/08/2014

Peter King

CBS Correspondent Peter King joins the show from Central Florida to talk rockets and baseball.

Albemarle County Office Building 2

Wednesday, January 8, 201401/08/2014

Lee Catlin

Albemarle County Spokesperson Lee Catlin joins the program to talk about the Board of Supervisors’ early agenda for the new year.

winter radar vortex

Wednesday, January 8, 201401/08/2014

Jim Krasula

CBS News Correspondent Jim Krasula discusses the fatal and financial impacts of the recent polar vortex.

Charlottesville Fire Department Logo

Tuesday, January 7, 201401/07/2014

Mayor Huja

Charlottesville’s Mayor joined the show to discuss his re-election and a recap of the City Council meeting.



David Toscano

Delegate David Toscano joins WINA Morning News in-studio to discuss issues with Alcohol Beverage Control among other topics.

House Lock

Travis Wilburn and Pete Caramanis

Virginia Short Term Lodging Association President Travis Wilburn and Attorney Pete Caramanis discuss potential taxation and definition of short term lodging.


Reid Snyder

Reid Snyder of Streetwise Media who will be a speaker at the Tom Tom Founders Festival joins the program.

City Market 40310

Miriam Dickler

City Spokesperson Miriam Dickler talks about what’s on the horizon for City Council and the return of City Market.


Jennifer De Pinto

CBS Surveys Analyst Jennifer De Pinto joins WINA Morning News to give numbers on Iran and Hillary Clinton’s email controversy.



Plug Away Mondays

Learn about all of the best events by Charlottesville-area non-profits, groups and organizations.

Live Well

Live Well Series

Rick and Jane take on a different topic that will make your life better!


Get on the Good Foot

Mark Lorenzoni from Ragged Mountain Running Shop spotlight local runners, events and give tips for healthy and safe running.

Senior Center

Senior Center Spotlight

Peter Thomson joins Rick & Jane for an update of everything going on at the Center.

Alzheimers Association

Minding Your Memory

We Mind Our Memory with an update from the Alzheimer’s Association with news, caregiver tips, and more.