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Friday, June 14, 201306/14/2013

Edward Yeranian CBS

Edward joined the show to talk about the latest developments in Syria, and a decision to act by the U. S.


Thursday, June 13, 201306/13/2013


Dr. John Donnelly is the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services at PVCC Podcast (morning-news): Play in new window…

board room panel

Thursday, June 13, 201306/13/2013

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors member Duane Snow on the meeting agenda Podcast (morning-news): Play in new window | Download


Thursday, June 13, 201306/13/2013

Mike Lyons

CBS Military Consultant Mike Lyons on the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs which have helped disrupt dozens of terrorist attacks…

Thursday, June 13, 201306/13/2013

Steve Dorsey

CBS Reporter Steve Dorsey in Istanbul on the Turkish protests Podcast: Play in new window | Download Podcast (morning-news): Play…


Wednesday, June 12, 201306/12/2013

Tamyra Turner

Tamyra Turner organizer for “Juneteenth” previews the event which is scheduled for Friday and Saturday June 14 and 15 at Piedmont Virginia Community College.

camera photograph

Wednesday, June 12, 201306/12/2013

Andrew Owen

Andrew Owen joins the program to talk about LOOK III: the festival of the photograph.

board room panel

Wednesday, June 12, 201306/12/2013

Lee Catlin

Albemarle County spokesperson Lee Catlin checks-in to talk about replacing Chris Dumler seat in the Scottsville District, and previews the Board of Supervisors election coming in November.


Wednesday, June 12, 201306/12/2013

Mike Lyons

CBS Military Consultant Mike Lyons joins WINA Morning News for the latest on Edward Snowden’s involvment in leaking National Security Agency documents.


Tuesday, June 11, 201306/11/2013

Bob Taibbi

Clinical social worker Bob Taibbi joins the show in-studio to discuss structure for kids during summer vacation, and he talks about how kids react to stress.


white house president

Arthur Herman

Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute and┬áThink Tank scholar Arthur Herman joins Rick and Jane for an extended conversation on…

American Flag

Jeff McCausland

CBS Military Analyst Jeff McCausland provides more details on Malaysian Flight 17 being shot down Podcast (morning-news): Play in new…


Edward Yeranian

CBS Middle East Correspondent joins the Morning News live from Cairo to discuss the ongoing conflict in Israel Podcast (morning-news):…

tedx 2014 -620x400

Greg Fairchild

Associate Professor of Business Administration at Darden Greg Fairchild joins the show to look ahead to TEDx Charlottesville which returns in November.

BurketDittmarPalmerSnowSheffieldThomasMcKeelSeay 100913 CC

Jane Dittmar

Chair of the Albemarle Co. Board of Supervisors Jane Dittmar previews tonight’s meeting concerning the Southern Development Neighborhood.



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