Photo: WINA

UVA Alum, Chase Minnifield, Back at Practice with the Washington Redskins

Former UVA standout and current free agent for the Washington Redskins, Chase Minnifield, is no stranger to injury. Despite two torn ACL’s and a micro-fracture that kept him out of his last collegiate game, the 5’10”, 186lb cornerback shows no signs of backing down.

Many would have given up after an injury cut their college career short. Even more would have given up after going undrafted. Most anyone would have called it quits when he experienced yet another injury during minicamp. But according to Minnifield, that thought never crossed his mind. “You either stop or you keep going, and I’ve never been the kind of guy that stops doing what I was wanting to do, so, just kept it moving”.  Minnifield appeared on WINA’s The Best Seat In The House.

That mindset has led him back to the field, where he has been participating in practices with the Redskins for the last week. While he recognizes that this is a huge step in the rehabilitation process, he and his coaches are hesitant to push for too much too fast. “[The coaches] are not just throwing me in there and seeing if I can hold up, they’re gonna watch out for me and give me the best opportunities to compete, which is a lot of love, so I really appreciate what they’re doing for me and watching out for me”. As Minnifield knows all too well, getting back to top playing shape is a process that takes time and patience, but one that he is committed to with unwavering determination.

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