Two in the booth the right call for the Redskins

Two in the booth the right call for the Redskins

Rich Tandler, CSNwashington.com-Best Seat Contributor.  The Redskins are going to stick with two in the radio booth at least in the short term and that’s the right call.

Larry Michael will handle the play by play and Sonny Jurgensen will do the color commentary with Rick “Doc” Walker roaming the sidelines with an open mike, free to pipe in whenever they see fit. That’s the status quo minus, of course, Sam Huff who announced his retirement last Friday.

It is possible that Red Zebra Broadcasting, the corporate entity in which Dan Snyder is a primary investor, will hold off on making any further changes in the booth as long as Jurgensen is still there. The Hall of Fame quarterback will be 79 before the season starts. He seems to be going strong still but you have to think that he will hang up his headset at some point in the next several years.

That would be the right time for Red Zebra to add two new voices to the booth. It might be difficult for Jurgensen to develop chemistry with a new partner at this point and it’s not really fair to him to try to force one on him. Let Sonny go on for as long as he wants and then when he goes get two new voices along with Michael and let them figure out how to work together.

Or just elevate one other voice into the booth. No NFL bylaws or FCC regulations mandate a three-man booth. Just because it worked so well for so long with Sonny and Sam playing off of each other doing the color doesn’t mean that it will work going forward.

The suits are Red Zebra have at least a few years to evaluate their options and they should consider all options.