Toscano Urges Cuccinelli To Tell Voters About Star Scientific

Toscano Urges Cuccinelli To Tell Voters About Star Scientific

Delegate David Toscano has written a letter to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli urging him to share what he knows about Star Scientific with Virginia voters. The leader of the House of Delegates Democrats says the Republican Attorney General should have stepped aside when he decided to run for Governor. Toscano (pictured) says the decision to stay where he is has created problems for Cuccinelli. He was a Monday guest on Charlottesville…Right Now with Jay James.  Toscano’s letter appears below. 

Dear Attorney General Cuccinelli:

The Washington Post reported recently that your office deliberately “walled you off” for five months from any knowledge of the scandal regarding Star Scientific and the Virginia Governor’s office because of your personal relationship with Star Scientific’s CEO Jonnie Williams. This report has raised additional significant questions as to when you were informed of certain aspects of the case and your relationship with Mr. Williams.  For months you have denied that your relationship with Jonnie Williams and Star Scientific was the source of any conflict of interest for your office’s involvement in this ongoing legal dispute, while failing to provide any supporting documentation. But the Washington Post’s report that the Office of the Attorney General seemed to have no problem handing over information about the case to your political campaign raises serious questions. Virginians deserve to know how your campaign came upon this information; did your campaign submit a FOIA request to the Office of the Attorney General for this documentation? Did your campaign pay any fees associated with such a FOIA? Or did the Office of the Attorney General hand this documentation over to your campaign willingly to help your political cause?  In addition, Virginians deserve to know the full extent of the information your office disclosed to your campaign regarding this issue. Since the information has already been packaged, your office should voluntarily and at no charge provide this full information to the public. Freely sharing the information your office provided to your campaign would seem to be a basic responsibility of yours as Attorney General. I sincerely hope that you will agree to disclose this information, so Virginians can be assured that their leaders will respect the office that they have been elected to serve.


Delegate David Toscano

Virginia House Democratic Leader