Tobey Has Made The US U19, Team How Will It Affect His Game?

Photo: WINA

Tobey Has Made The US U19, Team How Will It Affect His Game?

Mike Tobey, a second year Center for the Virginia Men’s Basketball team has made the US U19 Basketball team, where his Head Coach Tony Bennett is an assistant.  The team will begin scrimmaging in Washington DC this weekend in preparation for a trip to Prague to compete internationally.  Kris Wright of thesabre.com is a UVA Basketball analyst and he joined WINA’s Best Seat In The House program to discuss the affect playing this summer could have on Tobey’s game.

“Yeah I don’t see any downsides to it, you know you worry a little bit I guess about fatigue, or overplaying or whatever but good guys nowadays play nonstop anyway, whether they’re doing it with Team USA or they’re doing their summer workouts or when they’re being recruited from the time they’re thirteen they’re doing it all summer in AAU, so I don’t worry too much about that end of it. So really, I see nothing but positives, Coach Bennett said last night that  just for example, Julio Oakafore  is the ESPN number one recruit for the rising senior class, he’s also on the team with Tobey, so that’s the type of guy you’re going to be going head to head with in practices and in training camp as they get ready for this trip, there is no downside to that, if you’re playing against the number one recruit at a particular position you can’t do anything but improve from that, so I see nothing but good things here.”

You can hear the interview in its entirety in the podcast section of wina.com.  Keep listening to the Best Seat In The House for updates on UVA Basketball this summer.