Schilling Show Has 911 Tape Of Incident Involving ABC Agents

The Schilling Show has a tape of the call to the 911 center that was placed by Ann Downy. She is presumed to be the passenger in the vehicle driven by 20-year-old Elizabeth Daly as they were surrounded by Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) agents April 11th in the parking lot at Barracks Road Shopping Center. Daly was arrested following a confrontation outside Harris Teeter. ABC agents suspected her of underage possession of alcohol when in fact she had sparkling water and cookie dough. When the ABC agents surrounded her car, Daly and her passengers called 911 to report the incident. The tension escalated at 10 seconds into the call when shrieks of “Oh my God” and “what should we do?” came from the vehicle. The young women were pleading for help and advice from the 911 operator. In the background, what appears to be a female voice can be heard screaming, “get out, get out, get out.” According to earlier reports, Daly feared that the ABC officers were trying to break the vehicle windows. She left the scene and drove until the 911 operator instructed her to stop, upon reassurance that the officers were with the ABC. The 911 operator then asks to speak with one of the agents who identifies himself as “John” and tells the operator that “everybody’s showing badges” and that the driver “tried to run over people.” A second 911 call was placed by a male witness to the incident who reported seeing “undercover officers” and “a gun being pulled” outside Harris Teeter. Contrary to multiple published accounts, charges against Elizabeth Daly were not dropped but were voluntarily withdrawn. Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney Dave Chapman says although charges technically could be reinstated, his office would “resist any attempt by anyone to initiate a prosecution of this matter in the future.” More than 300 supporters of Elizabeth Daly have signed an online petition to Governor Bob McDonnell, requesting discipline for the officers involved and an ABC apology for the assault. Full audio of the 911 call is available at www.SchillingShow.com.