Schilling Show: Delegate Demands Answers About ABC April Sting

WINA talk show host Rob Schilling and the Schilling Show have obtained a letter from a member of the General Assembly that poses many questions about the recent ordeal of University of Virginia undergrad Elizabeth Daly. Delegate Barbara Comstock (R-McLean) wrote to Curtis Coleburn, who is the Chief Operating Officer of Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control.  Comstock has several questions she wants answered about Daly’s April 11th arrest following her purchase of sparkling water from the Harris Teeter at the Barracks Road Shopping Center.  ABC agents mistook her case of LaCroix sparking water for beer.  Comstock wants to know why seven agents were at the Barracks Road location or would be required for that type of incident. The Delegate is also curous about why a 20-year-old woman who feared for her safety and had committed no crimes ended up having three felony charges filed against her.  Comstock’s oldest son is a 2005 UVA graduate. Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney Dave Chapman told a judge in late June he would not prosecute Daly. ABC officials annouced late Friday they are changing their procedures and a uniformed agent will be present for operations such as the April sting.  An agent in uniform will serve as a contact person on occasions when plainclothes agents approach people suspected of breaking the law.  City Councilors expect to hear from City Attorney Craig Brown at their meeting on July 15th.  They are planning a discussion of the best way to respond to a letter from the Albemarle-based Rutherford Institure.  City Manager Maurice Jones hopes Brown can tell him and the councilors what options they have for dealing with a state agency.  Delegate Comstock’s letter appears on the Schilling Show blog.