The National Transportation Safety Board

Sunday, June 23, 201306/23/2013

Two Virginia Aviation Veterans Die In Ohio Crash

In News, Surrounding Counties

Two people who were familiar names in Virginia’s aviation industry were killed during a Saturday air show in Ohio.

Virginia Flag

Sunday, June 23, 201306/23/2013

Widow Gets Upset Over Method Of Announcing Her Husband’s Death

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A Virginia woman says she should have been notified when her husband died, and it shouldn’t be on Facebook.

texting driving

Sunday, June 23, 201306/23/2013

Virginia Law Involving Texting-And-Driving Will Change Soon

In News, Virginia Assembly

Virginia’s law dealing with those who text-and-drive will change on July 1st.

Republican Party of Virginia Logo

Sunday, June 23, 201306/23/2013

Snyder Will Help Cuccinelli With Fundraising

In Election, News

Pete Snyder’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor is over, but he’s now helping GOP nominee for Governor Ken Cuccinelli with fundraising.

Tuberculosis Skin Test  42208

Saturday, June 22, 201306/22/2013

Fairfax Sets Up Clinics After High School Has TB Cases

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Faifrax County will conduct testing for tuberculosis after three positive cases at Robert E. Lee High School in Springfield.

VT Remembers 32509

Saturday, June 22, 201306/22/2013

Tour Aimed At Stopping Gun Violence Includes Blacksburg

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A national tour that’s designed to curb gun-related violence included the campus of Virginia Tech.

University of Richmond 040308

Saturday, June 22, 201306/22/2013

University of Richmond Updates Offer Of Free Education

In News

The University of Richmond is revising its offer of a free education to Virginians.

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Saturday, June 22, 201306/22/2013

Virginia Lawmakers Couldn’t Reach Agreement On Farm Bill

In Albemarle County, Charlottesville City, News, Surrounding Counties

Virginia’s congressional delegation was split over a proposed new farm bill, which the House of Representatives has rejected.

Kluge Patricia  040811

Saturday, June 22, 201306/22/2013

Washington Post: Investigators Ask Kluge About Gifts To McDonnells

In Albemarle County, News, UVA

Washington Post reports former local businesswoman Pat Kluge gets questions about gifts to First Lady Maureen McDonnell.

Fire Trucks City

Saturday, June 22, 201306/22/2013

Old Ballard Road Resident Suffers Minor Burns In Kitchen Fire

In Albemarle County, News

A resident of the 600-block of Old Ballard Road had minor burns following a weekend kitchen fire.