Can Virginia Hang With The Oregon Ducks?

Photo: WINA

Can Virginia Hang With The Oregon Ducks?

In recent years, Oregon’s Football program has established itself as a Top 5 team and a national title contender. Come September 7th, that national powerhouse will take the field in Charlottesville to take on the Hoos for the first game of the season.

We recently caught up with David Piper, a writer for addictedtoquack.com, to discuss what UVA Football has to do to take down the Ducks. While many teams attempt to beat Oregon by keeping its offense on the bench, Piper explains that that isn’t nearly enough. “If you’re gonna beat Oregon, it’s not a matter of trying to keep their offense off the field. It’s a matter of, you’ve got to have long drives to keep them off the field, and they have to end in touchdowns. They can’t end in field goals.” Oregon’s offense is fast and efficient, scoring on most of its drives in under two minutes. For UVA to have a shot at winning this matchup, Piper makes the mission very clear: “you have to be able to match Oregon, touchdown for touchdown”.

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