Dave Rocco discusses who will fill the role of signal caller for the Covenant Eagles

The season opener is still over a month away but Dave Rocco and the Covenant Eagles have been out on the practice field for weeks. Although most players are still competing for their positions in the starting lineup, Jay Gaffney and Gus Rose have secured their spots. According to Head Coach Dave Rocco, both boys will start for Covenant, but who will be calling the signals is still very much undetermined.


Dave Rocco, Gus Rose, and Athletics director Brooks Berry joined us tonight on The Best Seat in the House to preview the upcoming football season. When asked about the quarterback situation, Rocco replied, “Both these guys are athletes that are gonna start for us somewhere on the field. I’m just excited to see the race get started. I know that Gus will be ready to step up to the challenge. I know Jay will be ready to step up to the challenge. They’ll push each other just like good quarterbacks do”. Gus Rose elaborated on the competition saying, “When we get two at one position and we’re really battling it out, we really push for it, and we cheer each other on”.


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