An All Time Great Stops by The Best Seat in the House

“Healthy, hungry, and ready”. Those are the words Sean Singletary used to describe himself when he recently caught up with us on The Best Seat in the House. The four years since Singletary left the University of Virginia have been less than ideal for a player who set multiple ACC records and got drafted in the second round to play for the NBA.


In those four years, Singletary was traded four times, while being set back by multiple injuries. He explained that, “I’ve just been trying to fight to get back. It’s been a long three years, three or four years.  Like I said, I’m finally healthy and ready to get after it”. Now back at 100 percent, Singletary is ready to make strides towards getting back to the NBA. To kick off that journey, he will head to Houston to train with former NBA coach and guard, John Lucas, this coming week.


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