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There's something so inspiring about seeing healthy, happy kids at play. It's like seeing a world of possibility grinning at you...or pure joy chasing butterflies!

Healthy, happy kids is the inspiration—and driving force—behind our "CARES FOR KIDS" Radiothon Thursday and Friday March 31st and April 1st. to raise funds and awareness for UVA Children's Hospital. UVA Children's Hospital is a place where children facing complex childhood illnesses and injuries can go to receive the state-of-the-art pediatric care they need to become healthy again.

At UVA Children's Hospital healthy, happy kids is an outcome they work to achieve every day—and our stations are behind them 100%. THREE stations broadcasting live over TWO days with ONE goal in mind...healthy, happy kids!

Are you with us?

These Businesses Care For Kids

Pepsi Cola

~ Pepsi Cola

Our awesome phone bank sponsors!

UVA Children’s Hospital & Women’s Health Services

~ UVA CH 620x400 DL Template

Sponsoring our LIVE broadcasts today from the main lobby in the UVA Hospital. Call to make your donation or follow the link below to give.

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Shenandoah JOE

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