Best Seat In The House

Jeff Fischel
Jeff Fischel

Jeff Fischel is with the ACC Digital Network and talks about the expansion of the ACC.


Greyson Lambert NCAA Football: Virginia at Brigham Young

Craig Littlepage

UVA Athletic Director Craig Littlepage joins the show to talk about Virginia football.


Dave Koehn

Dave Koehn joins Jay James, Ahmad Hawkins, and Tyrone Lewis to talk about UVA football.

UVA Basketball Practice Photo

Kris Wright and Luke Neer

Kris Wright of and Luke Neer pour into ACC Basketball examining the contenders and how they matchup with Virginia.


Dave Glenn

Dave Glenn of and the ACC Sports Journal shares thoughts on the tail end of the college football season, Florida State’s propensity for slow starts, and early ACC Basketball observations.

UVA Sports on WINA & 3WV ~ 620x400 DL Template

Steve Garland

UVA Wrestling Head Coach Steve Garland joins the program to discuss his squad early in the season and going from “good to great.”