Best Seat In The House

Jeff Fischel
Jeff Fischel

Jeff Fischel of the ACC Digital Network checks-in to review an exciting first week in ACC Basketball, and discuss how the rule changes are affecting  college hoops.


football helmet

Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman of shares his thoughts about Virginia Tech’s football game against Ohio State.


Ahmad Hawkins, Tyrone Lewis – Part 1

Ahmad Hawkins and Tyrone Lewis join Jay James to talk about UVA football.


Kris Wright

Kris Wright is with and joins Jay James, Ahmad Hawkins, and Tyrone Lewis to talk about UVA’s first football game against UCLA.

UVA Football Camp

Andrew Ramspacher

Andrew Ramspacher of the Daily Progress checks in with Luke Neer for more Virginia Football talk.


Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller of the Post and Courier in Charleston discusses the College of Charleston’s search for a new basketball coach and touches on some of the candidates including Ritchie McKay.